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powerful boat cleaner

powerful boat cleaner

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Manufactured as a heavy duty, all-purpose cleaner for use on boats, fenders, sails, sunshades, white or colored canvas and for use in the engine rooms of yachts and boats. It may also be used to clean surfaces in homes, offices, vehicles and on motorcycles. Environmental and nature friendly. Does not leave foam on the sea surface. Dissolves in the water without causing any harm to sea life.

Effectively cleans surfaces on boats and fenders as well as boats and yachts. Can be used to clean deck, leather and other fabrics without causing any harm to wood, filling materials, deck equipment or top coats. Its specially developed heavy duty formula thoroughly removes all dirt and stains including oil, fuel, alcohol, fish blood and bird droppings. An effective product that may be safely used to remove heavy dirt and persistent stains on boats, fenders and on surfaces including mica, fiberglass, glass, metal and plastic. Effectively cleans the external surfaces of vehicles, seats, ceilings and fabric upholstery. May be used on carpets, rims, tires, motor and motorcycle oil residue and heavy dirt and tea and coffee stains.

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